The Pacific School Games (PSG) is an international sporting event for school students aged ten to nineteen years. It is the flagship event of School Sport Australia, which provides educational opportunities for Australian and international students through the conducting of games in a range of sports.

The focal point of the Pacific School Games is to expand on the activities of the member bodies across Australia and their international guests in order to participate in competitions offered at both Primary and Secondary levels. Sporting disciplines are an integral part of the Pacific School Games, but they also offer an immense educational, multicultural and social benefit for participants.

The Pacific School Games has a strong focus on including sports in which students with disabilities are able to participate. The organising committee of the Pacific School Games has a strong link with the Paralympics Committee, Deaf Sports Australia and AusRapid in regard to organising such specialist events. They also work with these organisations to create pathways through to national championships in the competitors' chosen disciplines.

The core components of the Pacific School Games are:
• to ensure a high level of international sporting competition
• to include curricular opportunities including performing arts, health and nutrition, sports journalism, hospitality and work experience
• to provide opportunities to interact in a multicultural environment with visiting nations.

School Sport Australia is very pleased to enter into agreement with and expresses appreciation for the support and commitment of the South Australian Tourism Commission.


The sports of the biennial Pacific School Games would include the core disciplines of track and field, and swimming and diving on a rotational basis every two years, together with other sports.






Touch Football


Table Tennis



The Pacific School Games is a ten day event and will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, with the competition and education activities being conducted over the period 21st - 29th November 2015.

Together with all States and Territories of Australia, invitations to participate will be issued to countries that have attended any previous Pacific School Games. These include:



Cook Islands

Christmas Island



Hong Kong








New Caledonia

New Zealand


North Marianas

Papua New Guinea





Solomon Islands

South Africa

South Korea







Wallis & Futuna Islands


In the past, the Pacific School Games have been scheduled every four years. However, this has varied from time to time in order to fit in with special events and celebrations. To facilitate consistent branding and an extended return on investment of partners and sponsors, the Pacific School Games will be held on a biennial basis starting in 2015.

The headline Pacific School Games were held in Brisbane in 1982 as a lead into the Commonwealth Games. Since then the Games have been held in Melbourne in 1984 and 2005, Sydney in 1988 and 2000, Darwin in 1992, Perth in 1996 and Canberra in 2008.

The event has grown from 2187 participants 1982 to the most recent event in Canberra which saw 4888 participants take part. Teams from all states and territories of Australia and as many as thirty visiting nations have participated in the Pacific School Games.


We are currently undergoing maintenance of the PSG website and have prepared some information on the most commonly asked questions to help you out while we complete the maintenance. Thank you for your patience.

Who can compete in the Pacific School Games Adelaide?

Invites have been sent out for the Pacific School Games Adelaide, for male and female participants from the ages of 10-19. Invitations have been sent to all Australian states and territories as well as international participants from countries that have competed in the games in the past. If your team has not received an invitation and would like to express your interest in competing in the games, please make contact with Pacific School Games General Manager Les Rauert. pacific.school.games@edumail.vic.gov.au

When and where do the games take place?

The games will take place in Adelaide, Australia from the 21st - 29th of November 2015. Adelaide has a multitude of high quality sporting venues to host our 9 featured sports. An opening ceremony will take place within the first two days on either the Saturday 21st or the Sunday 22nd. The final day for scheduled games will be Sunday the 29th of November. All participants will take part in educational activities during the games and these will be released as part of the sport schedule for the specific sports you have expressed interest in. It is up to you as a state/territory/county to decide how long you would like your stay in Adelaide to be. International participants may choose to arrive 2-3 days early to allow athletes to settle before competition takes place.

I have a team or individuals as part of a team wanting to compete, what do I do now?

Have your team representative fill in the expression of interest form located at the bottom of this page and return it via email to pacific.school.games@edumail.vic.gov.au.

You will then be contacted by the PSG office in regards to the entry process for your specific sport. Please take note of these important dates:

   - 1st October 2014: Expression of Interest close

   - 15th February 2015: Deposit due

   - 3rd August 2015: Final payment due

How much does it cost to compete in the games?

Each competitor will be required to pay a one off participation levy of $500 AUD per participant. This fee will cover all aspects of participation in the games, including entry to the sporting venue, competition management, opening ceremony and awards. Each state/territory/country will be responsible for organising team uniforms and other individual requirements for the sport. States/territories/countries will be invoiced directly for the deposit and then the final payment as one lump sum.

What about meals and accommodation?

Accommodation and meals for the games will be provided through our program partner Rising Stars. There are a variety of accommodation and meal packages available for your team, you will be provided with more information specific to your sport once we have received your expression of interest. Special dietary requirements will be catered for and we will ask you to highlight any requirements as we progress with your team entry. If you have any specific cultural or religious requirements during your stay, you will also be asked to provide some details, if you wish to do so. This will enable Rising Stars to consider these needs when organising your accommodation. *Accommodation and meal packages are not included in your athlete levy payment and will be an additional cost.

A Pacific School Games hotel partner is

being arranged for discounted accommodation for family and friends wishing stay in Adelaide to support athletes at the games.

How will I get around Adelaide during the games?

Adelaide has an extensive public transport system and the Pacific School Games Adelaide are being organised so that accommodation options are on direct transport routs and that teams are accommodated within easy access to their sporting venue. Athletes and officials will be provided with an Accreditation Pass that will entitle them to use of the public transport system, as well as entry to their competition.

Are there any official functions we are required to attend?

All athletes and officials will participate in the Opening Ceremony to be held on Saturday the 21st November 2015. Athletes and officials will be required to wear their team uniform for this ceremony. Playing uniform requirements are available in the Sport Rules document for each specific sport, these will be available on the website on completion of the website maintenance. Any other sport specific requirements will be communicated on an individual basis once we have received your expression of interest.

If you wish to submit an Expression of Interest Form, please click here to download our PDF form.


For further information please contact:

Mr Les Rauert, General Manager, Pacific School Games